Thinking of organizing your private event?

EverCook is a private chef service made up of personal chefs who will travel to your location in the Miami area. They will help make your dinners and events delicious and memorable.

You have come to the right place.

At EverCook we aim to surpass all of your expectations, and we guarantee that we will provide you with the highest caliber chefs who will make your events memorable.


We also offer a private chef service featuring a French personal chef (including Kosher personal chef and Vegan personal chef) and servers for larger dinner parties or events or just the French chef for smaller and more intimate dinners, whatever it takes to make a memorable meal or an event personalized in your home:
Personal Chef at home

Personal Chef at home

We make your meals personalized according to your preferences and your diet (Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free...), with fresh and organic food.

Private events

Private events

A special occasion meal, three courses, built to your preferences. This option is great for romantic dinners at home, dinner parties with friends, and birthdays.



If you have a larger group for a special event (birthday, BBQ, wedding, baby shower, graduation, Kosher, Vegan, Christmas, Thanksgiving...), our chefs will take care of everything for you

Weekly meal at home

Weekly meal at home

Our chefs come to prepare your meal in your home and stock the refrigerator along with instructions for heating.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

If you are a small restaurant owner and want to organize your kitchen efficiently and smartly, please feel free to contact me. I have experience assisting small business owners in reaching their maximum potential.

Culinary Workshop at Gastronomicom

Culinary Workshop at Gastronomicom

You want to do something unique and change your routine when it comes to entertaining a group, come to Gastronomicom Miami to learn French gastronomy (cooking , pastry , bakery) with our French chefs.


We bring you our French know-how.


EverCook is located in Miami, we provide service for your private events and personal meals at home.

We are a team of French chefs trained in France in Michelin Star restaurants. All of our chefs know French and international gastronomy perfectly and they all have catering experience. They can work with any size group, from an intimate dinner for two people all the way up to a buffet for 300 people. We are here to create your private events (weddings, dinners with friends, business dinners, etc…). We make a point of using only fresh and seasonal products because they are full of taste and health benefits.
Our team has a French pastry chef who is an ambassador for the French champion in plated dessert. He creates amazing cakes and desserts and will introduce you to the world of French luxury pastry (beautiful, rich in flavor, lightly sweet, good for your health). We can help you with any of your special requests (vegan, gluten free, etc….).
Our chefs offer business consulting in your restaurants or other venues to help you increase profitability and staff effectiveness. They will not only give you all the tips to lower your costs, and train your staff but will also help you improve or create menu items They have dedicated their lives to culinary pursuits, so they can help you to realize your own gastronomic dreams by helping you optimize your kitchen.

Our number one goal is to make you happy. We do our best to answer all inquiries within 48 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us to entrust us with your events or private dinners in Miami or elsewhere.

We are dedicated to making sure your event is flawless.
Enjoy and contact us !

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Personal Info


  • We adjust us for most any budget
  • We create Kosher, Vegan, gluten free fresh meals
  • We use only organic and fresh foods
  • We carry out all preparations from A to Z (sauces, slides...)
  • We offer a French luxury service
  • We take care of our customers (for example, 1st meeting to see the places before the event)
  • Executive Chef Vincent Catala to work in Star Michelin restaurants in France for 20 years. It will make your meal a magical moment.


We are a passionate chef team who share a passion for creating private culinary events in Miami that generate greater results.
Happy customers
We called the private chefs of EverCook Miami for an at home dinner. A personal chef came to cook for us and exceeded all of our requests. We had an unforgettable time. The chef was professional and entertaining.


Private event
I work a lot and I don’t have the time to cook or eat out. I wanted to stay home and eat a delicious and balanced meal. It’s wonderful to be able to have a service in Miami that offers private French chefs. My meal consisted of fresh products that were beautifully presented and delicious. I will call them regularly!


Weekly service at home
This past weekend I had invited friends to my Miami home. I didn’t want to have to worry about anything. I asked EverCook Miami to take care of the dinner for me. They were very responsive and in less than 72 hours a personal chef and a waiter were here. They prepared and organized my meal with friends. Everything was perfect, the meal, the service, everything! My friends were happy and impressed. We all had a great time.


Personal chef

Contact our personal and private French Chef teams in Miami. We guarantee you an unforgettable moment.